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You have no idea on how to choose refurbishment materials or tackle a DIY project? Don’t worry Aussie Handyman’s trusted specialists are here to show you how to cope with big or small project around your property.

Guide: How to Mount Your TV to a Stand

How to Mount Your TV to a Stand

Mounting your flat screen on a stand has many advantages. It allows for versatility in your home decor, as you can easily change the position of the television anytime you need to re-arrange your other furniture. In addition, you can also move your flat screen from room to room. What’s more, with TV stands you can find the perfect spot for the best viewing experience from a seating position. Also, this is a relatively easy and not time-consuming project that anyone can deal with. For a detailed guide on how to mount your TV to a stand, read on. Continue reading

Disability Awareness Day: Home Improvements For People With Special Needs

Home for disabled

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Living with a disability is hard, especially when the environment is not apadted to your needs. There are a lot of people who have hearing, visual or physical impairment, which make their lives more difficult Continue reading

4 Things You Need To Know About Home Improvement Regulations

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There are tens of ways you can contribute to the well being of your home- from tiny touch ups to something more serious like plumbing renovation. But there are a few details you need to know about before you start your home improvements. Regardless Continue reading

8 Brilliant Ideas To Get Rid Of Mould For Good


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No matter what you did or still do to keep your home in a good condition, there always seems to appear a problem which is essential to deal with. Take mould as an example, this patient intruder looks harmless at first, but will gradually take over the house. Continue reading

7 Genius Tips For A Pet-Friendly Home



Pets are one of life’s gifts and those who have one understand it completely. The little furry balls of cuteness get under your skin and manage to get away with practically any tiny or huge household damage. No matter how much you love them Continue reading

5 Simple Steps To Create A Laundry Room Folding Table

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Though there is limited space, you can still manage to optimize it to its maximum.

What many people neglect to do is pay a little bit more attention to the laundry room or area. You decorate and take care of so many rooms in the house but miss the tiny details which Continue reading

Nine Essential Steps To Create A Disabled-People Friendly Home

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There are a number of things, which you don’t know or rarely think about, as they don’t directly affect your life. A frequently, say, overlooked topic, when it comes to handyman work, is the transformation of an ordinary household in a place a disabled person Continue reading