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Get the latest news about world or UK events involving home imrovements, repair and maintenance, architecture and much more. The Aussie Handyman Service team have collected information and would like to give as much information as possible.

6 Tips To Reduce Stress At Home

National Stress Awareness Week

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Stress has always been the cause of serious psychological and physiological problems for people not only in the UK but world-wide. For this reason the International Stress Management Association has been trying to raise awareness about this problems for 15 years. Though it’s not a long-feared disease, it can cause serious problems. Continue reading

6 Plumbing Tips To Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

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Since 1970 Earth Day has been celebrated throughout 192 countries worldwide. Its aim is to raise awareness about the environmental health of the planet. On this day people engage in eco-friendly activities to help the environment. Continue reading

2 Ways Earth Hour Can Help You Save On Electricity Bills

Earth Hour UK

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There are tens of worldwide events which join communities to support a common goal for the greater good like Earth Hour. Continue reading

7 Common Plumbing Mistakes Every Home Owner Makes


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Every home owner who’s trying to save money has tried to do a repair and maintenance DIY project at least once. Yet, most of the urgent repairs and household disasters evolve from small mistakes. Continue reading