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Whether it’s a seasonal or twice-a-year home maintenance checklist, Aussie Handyman is here to help with you with improving your home on time.

5 Backyard Upgrades To Make Your Summer Rock

Summer day backyard

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As the  days become hotter and sunnier, your desire to spend time outside grows and you’ve probably  already planned to refresh or upgrade your backyard recreation area. If you don’t know where to start from, our Continue reading

Clean And Maintain The Gutter Or Else…

a disjointed gutter

After the warm careless days of summer autumn comes along with its coziness and calm. It just makes you stay at home with a warm cup of tea and enjoy your spare time despite the cold weather outside. However, what probably slipped your mind is to prepare your sweet home for the season to come, unless you’d like to deal with the extensive damages to your home on the eve of Halloween. Here are a few tips to deal with unpleasant situations like the above-mentioned.

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