Home and Garden Improvements: The Enthusiast Handymen Way

Handymen Services LondonHandymen say home and garden improvements are a never ending story. If you want to freshen the exterior furnishing of your home in a clever and handy way, start a list and prepare yourself for the avalanche of ideas that lay ahead!

But what are the best ideas to enhance a property and where to start in the first place? Here’s a handful of the fantastic handymen tips:

Add new decking or improve what you already have!

To add or improve your current decking can be as useful as a adding a new room to your home. Experienced handymen say spending time under the Sun is a powerful healer, tonic booster, germ killer and even stress reliever. When sunshine is warm and bright, decking is often put to as much use as your entire home. To add or improve that special part of your home does not need to be a costly handyman service.

To build new decking or simply add a dash of handy man maintenance and repair (to what is already slightly run down), means to add a whole new layer of emotions to your garden or backyard. A dash of paint, some creative decorating along and a bit of sanding, and it will surely freshen up your property.

Patio decking will not only become more elegant, stylish and modern, but will surely become your favourite spot in the house! If you can’t spend the time and effort for home maintenance and repair, you could hire a neat professional handy man to help you out.

Bare in mind that beside adding new space or renovating what you already have, a simple jet wash could also be a wonder. It is surprising how refreshing that could work out to be.

Enhance your garden furnishing to spend more time out in the open!

Garden improvementTo improve garden furnishing is a wonderful and inspiring experience for the DIY handy man. From choosing and buying new units, to revamping and changing upholstery. There is always room for more creative thinking and clever improvisations. To re-furnish or repair can be as fun as playing outside. Give your children the chance to improve as handymen and further improvise. You never know where that challenge might take you, literally.

A few other garden furnishing suggestions for you to go through:

Outdoor furnishing for gardnes DIY Way

  • New Seating groups and conversation sofas.

There is nothing quite like a pleasant conversation in the garden. Seating units will help you carry the comfort of your home in the open and thus increase what time you spend out . Make sure you take a seat first. Comfortable patio furniture, just like other interior units, is used on a regular basis as opposed to uninviting units, which might have good looks but aren’t that cosy at all.

  • Lounge seating is luxurious.

There is nothing like a nap in the garden or why not work on your tan. The fresh air will rejuvenate and help you relax in a way you may haven’t had done for quite a while.

  • Dining or bistro set to ensure your comfort

Invite friends over for a lovely dinner in the garden. The atmosphere of dining in the backyard is a premise to more enjoyable time in the open.

  • Bar set for those late nights and guests

A bar in the garden is a dream come true for the man in the house. Ladies will also benefit the luxury of a bar set in the garden.

Furniture re-vamp is also an option.

Garden outdoor furniture ideaMother nature pities none. To leave your dining set in the garden year-round will cause devastating damage. If you want to enjoy garden furnishing in the long term, consider which is the best way to organise and preserve exterior furnishing.

To use outdoor pillows is both a clever and efficient approach. If you already have units with upholstery which is worn out beyond usage, to renovate will be both time and effort consuming. Pillows are much easier to maintain and repair, not to mention how easy is to change those. That’s a simple and efficient way to re-arrange and re-organise any exterior!

Do you have old furnishing that deserves improvement?

Old gardening furniture repair Sanding old wooden benches, chairs or tables is way too time-consuming. You have to re-paint and often even remove or replace certain parts. Annual sanding and repainting are a great way to freshen up your exterior on a yearly basis. It improves looks and extends what lifetime your furnishing has left. The downside here is the fact you’ll have to do it each and every year. If you’re not a handyman enthusiast this might end up more time and resource consuming than you would like it to be. Reserve the bulk of your garden-side time to enjoy it.

You could reduce furniture maintenance and repairs when you purchase easy-to-care units made out of metal, teak, cedar, and all other weather-resistant materials. Furniture built using these will surely stand up to most of what mother Nature throws at it.

Renovate, repair or build a beautiful fence in order to freshen up your property on a whole another level!

Outdoor garden property

Before you start, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. To improve or renovate your fence isn’t as simple as it may sound. If you have no handyman experience you’ll have to somehow consider all the variables:

  • What materials is the fence made of?
  • What are the best practices to work with such materials?
  • Will your renovation damage the integrity of the fence?
  • What is the potential damage you might cause and how to prevent?
  • Are there any local or legal limitations you should follow?

If you’re not aware of any municipal building code for your neighbourhood, research with  neighbours or local council. Some areas have specific look, height limitations and rules. I.e. if there is a major road nearby, you should not paint your fence white as there are rumours it affects drivers. Consult with other homeowners or neighbourhood associations for the current municipal building code. Usually such are imposed regarding covenants that dictate fencing look, height, and materials. Ask what is the distance your fence has set back from sidewalks and property lines. Double check if your project requires additional building permits.


Live walls are a great way to ensure privacy and encourage garden life. Once again it is important to comply with all local codes and rules. In case you already have one, make sure you trim the hedge on a regular basis.

How about a garden shed and extra storage to manage and fill-up as you wish?

Outdoor garden shed assembly

One of the best options is an outdoor playhouse for children.

There is no better way to spark your children’s imagination than a playhouse. Turn the TV off and buy the best toy a child can have – a fortress, a ship, a castle of its own. The best thing it’s in the garden!

Younglings love to loose their imagination and create a world of adventure and excitement of their own. A play house can be anything from a secret den to a castle, pirate or space ship. A playground is the best way to encourage playtime outside. When it comes to building and assemblage of such flat pack units, sheds can be both dangerous and complex. Prioritise safety and reach out to professional handymen. To raise the platform, ladder, windows, tiny veranda, second-floor terraces and etc. is not only skill-specific and time-consuming but puts child safety at risk. Models that have slides and balconies are the riskiest. It is of crucial importance to play on the safe side and ensure your playhouse is built up to highest of standards.

How about a handymen garden shed to store tools and building materials?

The dream of every local handyman. A place with dedicated space to store all tools and timber!

Extra storage is always handy!

Do you want to put any unused garden space to use? Choose the best garden shed for your needs. You can use it to protect other furnishing during the harsh and less cosier seasons and thus improve savings in the long term.

What other improvements are there to help you freshen up your garden?

Outdoor garden shed assembly

Patio shades are mandatory for those hot summer months!

While models and design can vary, the most common units used to improve the garden exterior are:

  • Umbrellas,
  • Gazebos & pergolas.
  • Canopies, Awnings & Shade Sails
  • Arbors

Install outdoor garden lights to fully transform!

How we see light during the day is far from how we see it after the Sun goes down. This might be common sense, but it is of crucial importance to illuminate pathways along other outdoor spaces at night. However, some principles about lighting remain true. Lighting can be placed literally wherever you want it to be, but still some spots are defined as mandatory:

  • Paths
  • Entries
  • Driveway
  • Stairs or steps
  • Decks and Patios

Outdoor fountains:

Since ancient times fountains have been a sign of luxury and comfort. To own and maintenance can be a simple and easy task as long as you follow a handful of rules:

  • Clean your garden fountain on a regular basis: Keep it nice and tidy
  • Maintenance the pump on a regular basis: Reduce the risk and unwanted damage.
  • Ensure appropriate water levels: Floods are a nightmare.
  • Take precautions to avoid growth of algae: Keep water fresh
  • Let it snow and shut the fountain off: Never trust low temperatures.


No wonder Garden Improvement is so trendy in Britain. With the number of inspirational ideas out there, it is simply impossible to resist the urge for home  improvement for your extra comfort!

Written by Dmitri Kara, part of the Fantastic Handymen Services of London. The company works with a variety of tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, decorators, carpenters, painters, tilers, fitters, repairmen and more.

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