8 Home Improvements to Make Your House More Valuable and Sell Faster

Home improvements to sell your house faster

Selling your house fast and for a great price may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you understand that you are basically marketing a product to potential consumers who have come to view it, the process becomes much more straightforward. We have compiled 8 easy tips that will help ensure you make your home more valuable and sell faster.

Undertake a thorough cleaning

No matter how old your house may be, potentual buyers are always looking to buy a ‘new’ house.  This means you need to make your house fit expectations and push to the best of your abilities. Clean your carpets, remove dust, wash of stains and perform a deep clean in your kitchen and bathrooms to make the house presentable and appealing.

Update old and dilapidated fittings

Replace the relatively cheap fittings and fixtures in those areas of your house that tend to be used the most. A new shower curtain, toilet seat and doormat will all show the potential buyer that the house is new and is in a condition that they can use from the get-go Hire a London handyman if you don’t have the tools, know-how or time.

Improve lighting

Nothing is worse than a dark and dingy house, so replace all missing light bulbs and make sure your curtains and blinds are wide open for sunlight to come in. These are just a few of the odd jobs replacement and repairs you could utilise If possible, drape some white over dark furniture to boost the light in the house. Make sure your home has plenty of air and is not feeling stuffy when being viewed.

Remove and tidy clutter

Space sells. Clutter doesn’t. Move as much unnecessary stuff out of your house, or put it into storage because one major selling point will be space. Rather have empty space in which the buyer can imagine how they will utilise it than having your own clutter filling it up.

Renew flooring finishes

A good clean or shine on flooring can go a long way to making your house look presentable. Floors will always take a beating and buyers attention will naturally be drawn towards the floor on which they are standing so a little bit of investment could yield greater returns in the long run when you sell your house!

Touch up paint

A fresh layer of paint is a very easy and affordable way to make the house radiate newness. Cover any cracked, faded or stained paint on the walls and also use the opportunity to cover up any poor colour choices that may have been made in the past! Neutral colours are the best as they are not style or time specific. Bathrooms can be completely revamped with a fresh coat and a deep clean.

Improve ‘curb appeal’

‘Curb appeal’ refers to the impression your house gives off from the road or from the curb. Improving this means power-cleaning your front steps, touching up paint on your front door and replacing your doormat. A well-maintained lawn and bushes will also give the impression that you care for your surrounds – an overgrown lawn is an immediate turnoff!

Eliminate personal effects

Because you are selling a product, you want to make it as appealing to the buyer as possible, who is trying to imagine the home as being theirs. One way of making this process easier is to remove all personal touches that make your house your home, as this makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine the house as their home.

Following these 8 easy improvements will only cost a few hundred pounds but can increase the value of your property by many times that amount as well as increasing the chance that your house will be sold fast.

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