10 Useful Tips to Help You with Tinning Wires

Whether you are preparing a circuit board, doing automotive electrical work, or splicing a line in your home wiring as a jumper, you have probably dealt with the irritation of fraying wires that just won’t cooperate.

At Bob’s Handyman Company we know it is more common with certain gauges and materials, but even so, it is still enough to make you pull your hair out.

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Concrete Flooring Trends To Look Out For This Year

Bob’s Handyman Services is a reputable company of specialists in home repairs and property maintenance serving the UK since 2016. You can expect the expert tradesmen to render the average man or woman assistance with a wide range of installations and repairs. As a company of professional handymen, we are bound to keep up with trends and novelties and that’s why today we’ll do a walkthrough in the field of concrete flooring. Continue reading

Frozen Pipes: 5 Pieces of Advice To Avoid Winter Plumbing Problems (Proven Useful)

Brr! It’s getting cold outside.

Frozen pipes

We’re quite sure everybody remembers the icy grip in the UK one year ago. Temperatures plummeting to -15°C marked one of the coldest winters for the past decade. Thinking of the freezing chaos and the life lessons we’ve already learnt, you should definitely consider taking measures against the cold snap and frozen pipes in advance.

Look at the bright side! Enjoy the snow showers by following Bob’s Handyman Services plumbing advice proven useful with time. See below when and how you know your pipes are frozen and our simple (but effective) guidelines to protect them regardless of your home presence or absence.

So, let’s go through them in more detail.

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