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You have no idea on how to choose refurbishment materials or tackle a DIY project? Don’t worry Aussie Handyman’s trusted specialists are here to show you how to cope with big or small project around your property.

Disability Awareness Day: Home Improvements For People With Special Needs

Home for DisabledLiving with a disability is hard, especially when the environment is not adapted to your needs. There are a lot of people who have hearing, visual or physical impairment, which make their lives more difficult, especially in a home which is not modified for their needs. Continue reading

4 Leftover Materials You Can ReUse

Materials You Can ReUseThere are hundreds of ideas all over the Internet about DIY which include buying materials from DIY stores. But what about the leftovers? What will you do with them? Our Manchester specialists have a few ideas for you in order to appreciate Recycle week. In case you have a little spare time and enthusiasm, you can try them. Continue reading

4 Things You Need To Know About Home Improvement Regulations

English Home

There are tens of ways you can contribute to the well being of your home- from tiny touch ups to something more serious like plumbing renovation. But there are a few details you need to know about before you start your home improvements. Regardless if you’re going to DIY your way out of this one or rely on a trustworthy professional, you need to know which home repair projects (big or small) require building regulations approval. Continue reading

Guide: How to Mount Your TV to a Stand

How to Mount Your TV to a Stand

Mounting your flat screen on a stand has many advantages. It allows for versatility in your home decor, as you can easily change the position of the television anytime you need to re-arrange your other furniture. In addition, you can also move your flat screen from room to room. Continue reading

5 Simple Steps To Create A Laundry Room Folding Table

Optimised Laundry Room

What many people neglect to do is pay a little bit more attention to the laundry room or area. You decorate and take care of so many rooms in the house but miss the tiny details which will make your laundry room more functional. Continue reading

Use Metal Crafts to Stylise Your Home

Metal CraftsMetal is in no shortage in this world. The same also holds true for metal crafts which are used for the purpose of injecting some style and elegance into one’s home.

All around the world, there are millions of homes which have made use of metal crafts at one time or another. The art of making objects using metals has been known to mankind for about 5000 years. Keeping in view this length of history, it’s easy to imagine the extent to which these crafts have evolved with the passage of time. There are a plethora of metals which are used in these processes, including silver, bronze, wrought iron, copper, various alloys, and many more. Continue reading