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You have no idea on how to choose refurbishment materials or tackle a DIY project? Don’t worry Aussie Handyman’s trusted specialists are here to show you how to cope with big or small project around your property.

7 Genius Tips For A Pet-Friendly Home


Pets are one of life’s gifts and those who have one understand it completely. The little furry balls of cuteness get under your skin and manage to get away with practically any tiny or huge household damage. No matter how much you love them home apocalypses like these just have to end. Continue reading

8 Simple Steps To The Installation Of Festive Lights

Christmas DecorationDecember is the time of unique holiday decorations and cosy atmosphere. If you’re not a fan of toys and garlands, you can place lights on the inside and outside of your home. What can be considered as an advantage, is they come in all shapes and colours. Continue reading

7 Steps To A Timely Roof Repair And Damage Prevention

Typical English Countryside House

You often forget different tasks from the to-do list because of your tight schedule. What will most likely happen, if you forget to maintain and eventually repair the roof, is literally a collapse of junk all over the floor under it and a humongous hole in the ceiling. If you’d like to prevent and repair it on your own, here are a few guidelines. Continue reading

Sneaky Home Improvements: 8 Ways To Sound-Proof Your Home

Marilyn Monroe

Sounds which come from, practically, anywhere are a big and unpleasant distraction. It will probably become a huge setback when you want to enjoy your rest and there’s a strong sound blast from the living room or your neighbour’ s home. Moving out would be a very radical decision, so what you can do is sound-proof your home. Continue reading

8 Sneaky Garage Organising Tips Which Will Make Your Life Easier

Tools And Other Objects Organised on Shelves

There’s always a problem when it comes to organising and cleaning the garage. These two actions never seem to have a long-term effect on the premises, especially if you spend a lot of time there. If you, however wish to restore order in this part of your home, here are a few ideas. Continue reading

9 Essential Steps To Create A Disabled-People Friendly Home

Kitchen With Low Elements

There are a number of things, which you don’t know or rarely think about, as they don’t directly affect your life. A frequently, say, overlooked topic, when it comes to handyman work, is the transformation of an ordinary household in a place a disabled person can call their home. Continue reading

A Comprehensive Guide for Choosing Kitchen Wall Tiles

Choosing Wall TilesPlacing tiles in your kitchen is one of the best things you can do for giving it a superior look. The process of choosing the tiles themselves might initially seem quite easy, but once you get yourself committed to the process, you will start realising the various technicalities involved. In other words, there are a number of decisions you are going to make. Continue reading

7 Brilliant Ideas To Get Rid Of Mould For Good

Get Rid Of Mould For Good

No matter what you did or still do to keep your home in a good condition, there always seems to appear a problem which is essential to deal with. Take mould as an example, this patient intruder looks harmless at first, but will gradually take over the house. Continue reading

6 Essential Guidelines On Loft Insulation

Fully Insulated And Cosy Loft

Insulation is a very essential step in home improvement, which is both a very reasonable investment and will make your home invincible to bad weather conditions. Not only will you seal all the warmth inside your home but you can also use this part of your home a regular room. Continue reading