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Upgrade smart and make your home an energy-efficient machine. Aussie Handyman’s home improvement experts reveal tips and tricks on power efficiency and alternative energy sources to help you go green and decrease your energy bills.

Home Energy Efficiency Increase In 3, 2, 1…

Improved House With Solar Panels

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Brace yourself, the days of cold and bills up to the roof are coming! Don’t just stand there and wonder, if there’s something you could do about it. A simple household upgrade will not only decrease the amount of money you pay every month, but will, at the same time, be more eco-friendly. There’s nothing bad if you at least try to do it yourself. So, in case you’ve decided, here’s a list of how to make your home more energy efficient.

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6 Essential Steps To Choose Solar Panels

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Home improvement is a broad concept, which comprises sections like decoration with little porcelain figurines to, eco-friendly upgrades of the household. An environment-friendly improvement will both boost your home’s energy efficiency and, at the same time, shrink the monthly electricity bills. If you still cannot decide what and how to choose and install these alternative energy generators, here is a short guide, which will be useful. Continue reading

6 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Draught-Proof Castle

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There are certain tasks around the house that just slip your mind. Though the details might be tiny, they are of major importance. Let’s assume you’ve done everything possible to prepare for the winter except draught proofing your home. Now you’ll have to pay a load of money an the end of every month, as the warm just sneaks out of your home. This upgrade will not only help you avoid the problem, but will make your place energy-efficient, as well. If you’d like to block up the unwanted gaps so warmth doesn’t “sneak out”, here are a few ideas of how to locate and deal with the “culprit”.

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