Clean And Maintain The Gutter Or Else…

Disjointed Gutter

After the warm careless days of summer, autumn comes along with its cosiness and calm. It just makes you stay at home with a warm cup of tea and enjoy your spare time despite the cold weather outside. However, what probably slipped your mind is to prepare your sweet home for the season to come, unless you’d like to deal with the extensive damages to your home on the eve of Halloween. Here are a few tips to deal with unpleasant situations like the above-mentioned.

1. Keep An Eye On The Gully

Heavy Rainfall Outside a House

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It would be great if fall brought only beautiful reddish colours, happiness and leaves magically swept themselves out of the gutter, wouldn’t it? Welcome to reality! What you have to do is leave the calm of your living room and clean them up yourself to prevent future complications. On essential task is look for water flow while it rains outside to make sure there are no leaks or blockages.

 2. Benefits Of Checking

Handymen Checking For Clogged Gutters

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The nasty “intruders” which can easily block your drain vary from rotten leaves and pieces of wood to God knows what else. Unless you’d like to deal with major home repairs like leaking basements and roofs, slippery sidewalks or other “bonuses”, it would be a good idea if you took precautions on time.

3. Gutter Guards

Grid-Like Gutter Guard Placed on The Roof Gully

To avoid nasty obstructions, place gutter guards. They will save you a lot of efforts and time by not letting grime take over the gullies and lead to cracked foundations or aging driveways.

4. Test The Bolts

Handyman Checking if The Gutter is OK

It’s time for your handyman skills to shine. Use a ladder, gloves and a hose to clean the gully. Try not to kill yourself by doing it from the roof so you don’t fall on the ground like a sack of potatoes. Carefully check the channel from one end to another. If any part of the it is loose, tighten it it up with the equipment necessary like lag bolts. Use them to repair the unbolted or missing gutter spikes.

5. Find The “Gate-Crasher”

Garden Hose With a Spray Neck

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An easy way to find the obstruction is the good old hose. Put it at the end of the gutter where the spout is and spray water. If any part of it is blocked, the stream will not be able to pass down and will fill the gully.

6. A More Laborious Task

Roof Gutter Disjointed in Parts

However, if the solution above doesn’t work, you might try to disjoint the gully and clear it. Once you’ve removed the stopping from the channel, make sure the water discharge end is long enough to divert the water flow as far from the house as possible (5-6 feet). Thus you would not only avoid water apocalypse, but also the washed-out landscaping.

7. Clean The Muck

Again, it would be best to use a ladder. Don’t try to take a rubbish bag when you go up unless you don’t mind over-balancing and unwillingly kill yourself. A smart decision would be to take a wheelbarrow and place it near the step ladder and just drop the piles of rubbish so you could later rid of it. To complete the procedure take a hose with a spray neck and flush the gutter to rid of any cloggers left.

8. Unwilling To Do It Yourself?

There are certain risks except the height itself. You could come upon hidden beehives or electric lines and put your health and life in danger. So if you don’t want to risk, it would be best to hire a professional service provider. Bob’s Handyman skilled teams will do the seasonal repair and maintenance instead of you. Thus you will have excellent results at the best prices possible in no time without moving a finger.

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