5 Clever Ways To Prevent Home Disaster While You’re Away

Holiday ChecklistYou’ve made plans to spend New Year’s Eve or the rest of your days off in a luxurious hotel and you have to leave home for a few days. But what ifSomething went wrong with the electrical grid or the pipes? What you can take advantage of is the tips below which will help you prevent damages while you’re away for the holidays.

1. The Pet

Room in a Complete Mess

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If you have a fluffy fur ball at home or a hyper-energetic puppy and you can’t take them with you ask somebody to take care of it while you’re away. The only things you must do are buy enough food for your pet and leave the key to a trusted person. Thus they can keep an eye on the rascal.

2. Windows Shut

It’s not bad practice to check if the windows and back doors are shut and locked. There are certain details we don’t pay attention to when it comes to this. Remember to check if every locking mechanism functions properly, and the doors and windows are completely “sealed”. If there’s a weak spot somewhere repair or replace it with the tools necessary.

3. Power Off

Switch Which Allows You to Instantly Turn Off Electricity

In case there’s nobody who’ll watch the house for you switch the power off from the main switch, so there are no damages or incidents in case of a short circuit. Thus you’ll make sure your home will be absolutely safe. If you’ve already checked the wiring but worries still torment your thoughts you can call Bob’s Handyman reliable electricians to double check and guarantee perfect safety. If you have to leave the heating on because of your indoor plants make sure there will be someone who’ll keep an eye on the household.

4. Check The Pipes

Though it might be considered a very tedious task it is absolutely essential. Every year there are countless cases of burst pipes and water damage alerts. You cannot be one hundred percent sure your home is secure but you can do everything possible to prevent accidents. If you’d like to test your amateur handyman skills you must have the equipment necessary equipment and experience to achieve the results.

1) Before you shut the main water valve make sure there’s no household appliance left working that needs water (washing machines, dishwashers and similar).

2) If you’ll be absent for more than a day you should by all means shut the main supply valve. To test everything is properly done, turn on a faucet somewhere in the house. Shut the valve and wait for a few minutes. Water flow from the faucet will decrease in amount until there’s no more left in the pipes. Thus you’ll know there are no problems.

3) Check the gutters to make sure there are no problems. If you’ve maintained the gullies properly during the last months, they’ll work perfectly and keep water from leaking from the ceiling or walls. If you’d like to DIY the process, make sure you’re absolutely safe. Check the gulleys for leaf piles of other rubbish which might clog them. If there’s anything which might obstruct them it would be best to clean it. After you’ve accomplished that it would be best to place gutter guards which will prevent the same problem for the future.

Shut water supply to the exterior faucets as well. This will save you a lot of trouble, especially if you live in an area where temperature amplitudes are big. To make everything easier you can place freeze-proof faucets which will guarantee there will be no burst pipes when you come back home.

5. Keep The Heating On

Just as mentioned above, your indoor plants won’t freeze their leaves off until you get home. Professionals advise to keep the heating not lower than 15 degrees C. Thus you’ll keep your home warm enough and the pipes won’t freeze and crack. Another benefit from this actions is your home will be easier to heat to a higher temperature when you come back from the holiday trip.

No matter what you have to do it is extremely essential to be safe. Anything could happen especially if you’re not skilled enough or if you’re distracted by  problems like packing and similar. To prevent unwanted accidents pack absolutely everything you need undisturbed by a load of imperative tasks. Call reliable experts to help you with the handyman work. They’re quick, efficient,provide flawless and timely results at minimal costs.

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