7 Common Plumbing Mistakes Every Home Owner Makes


Every home owner who’s trying to save money has tried to do a repair and maintenance DIY project at least once. Yet, most of the urgent repairs and household disasters evolve from small mistakes. In the spirit of World Plumbing Day Bob’s plumbers would like to show you the most common plumbing mistakes and to how to avoid them.

The first question we’d like to answer is what’s World Plumbing Day ? It’s an international, annual initiative of The World Plumbing Council. Its aim is to raise awareness about the importance of plumbing for people’s health. What’s it to you? You could regard this day as a notification for a thorough plumbing inspection. Thus you’ll make sure everything is right and you won’t pay loads of money because of a huge pipe burst. Now  let’s start with the mistakes and tips to prevent them

1. You Don’t Use Sink Strainers

Sink Strainer to Filter Food Waste

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If you think your brand new and ultra modern sink is invincible to clogging, you’re wrong. The small pieces of food you wash off the dishes go straight into the drain and clog it. To avoid the problem use sink strainers. They’re removable, so you won’t have any problems cleaning them and dispose of the small yucky food pieces. If your sink gets clogged, you could use a simple solution of baking soda and vinegar.

 2. Using Excessive Amounts Of Drain Cleaner

In case the vinegar solution doesn’t work, try drain cleaner. When you try to unclog the drains with the recommended dosage on the label and it doesn’t work, try something else. If you pour excessive amounts of the preparation in the drain it will corrode the pipes and do more damage than good.

3. Twisting And Pulling Faucet Handles Too Hard

If there is a faucet leak and you pull or push the faucet handle too hard, this won’t solve the problem. The dripping will become stronger and you’ll break the handle.

4. Washing Construction Materials Down The Drain

If you’re too busy with a home improvement project and wash building materials down the drain, you’ll clog it. A simple example is the drywall compound used for filling superficial wall holes. It is a mixture of gypsum, clay, and latex resin. When you dump it in the sink, the material hardens and it will block it.

5. Flushing Everything In The Toilet

Clogged Toilet

Every experienced plumber will tell you a few stories of what they found while unclogging a toilet.  The list might include everything from matchboxes to stuffed toys. Objects like these are too big to pass down the pipes and get stuck in the toilet trap. If you use a plunger, the object will go further the waste pipe. So, the only solution is to remove the toilet and get it out.

6. You Put Too Much Pressure On Fixtures

If the shower head is mounted directly on the wall and is short enough you might be tempted to use it as a shower bathroom rack hanger. Don’t do it, as the weight of the rack will put too much pressure on the shower fixture. This might tear it down. A simple fix is to mount the rack directly on the wall, so it doesn’t cause any problems.

7. You’re Hasty When You DIY Plumbing Repairs

If the DIY plumbing task takes more time than you have, it would be better to leave it for another day. In case you decide to do it and you’re in a hurry, you’ll miss an important step and you’ll cause even greater damages than before.

If you find it hard and time-consuming to do the plumbing repair, remember you can always call and book an experienced Manchester plumber. What’s more you’ll pay the reasonable price of £54 per hour and get quality results.

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