Concrete Flooring Trends To Look Out For This Year

Bob’s Handyman Services is a reputable company of specialists in home repairs and property maintenance serving the UK since 2016. You can expect the expert tradesmen to render the average man or woman assistance with a wide range of installations and repairs. As a company of professional handymen, we are bound to keep up with trends and novelties and that’s why today we’ll do a walkthrough in the field of concrete flooring.

An important part of being a professional is to partner with highly-professional companies around the area and across the world, companies that have the same values and priorities that we do. Today, that means that we explore the concrete flooring trends for this year with the expert advice of Geocrete Concrete Polishers.

When it comes to durable interior refurbishment, the use of solid-concrete floors is a practical and efficient solution that will last you for generations to come. It’s great insulation for both sound and heat.

That’s why we believe it’s crucial to explore trends old, current, and those on the horizon. Your flooring is going to evolve over the years and that’s why we have some of our favourite flooring trends to share:

First Things First. Polished Concrete and Industrial Flooring

Wide room concrete flooring

Credit: Industrial Resinous Epoxy Floor- Sure Seal- Bowling Green by the Decorative Concrete Kingdom, source

This type of floors used to be associated only with garages, factories and industrial premises but in recent years it has become a highly desirable choice for domestic properties of all shapes and sizes, too.

The purpose of flooring does not differ whether it’s in your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement or any other room for that matter because a well-done floor is starting to make more and more sense to the average household.

It’s worth checking out the different finishes that are available on the market to see what will work best for you and your home. A matte, satin or high gloss floor finish can have a transforming effect on any home.

Factors to take into account when considering a concrete floor:

  • The level of traffic in your home;
  • Repair flexibility;
  • Maintenance needed;
  • Absorption of sound;
  • Design and flexibility;
  • Durability and lifespan;
  • Your budget, of course.

Make Sure You Always Work with a Professional

There’s an increase in the importance of doing your homework, and as a professional handyman company, we couldn’t be more supportive of this, even if we tried.

If you already have a concrete floor in place and you need to polish and freshen it up, the costs will be far lower than the alternative.

However, if time has come to install a new concrete floor in your home, then make sure that you’re working with an experienced and reputable professional. Make sure to always ask for references, check their licenses, and if possible, any previous jobs. Having feedback and comments from former clients is an absolute must. Once legitimacy is confirmed, take enough time to read through the contract and look out for suspicious claims and clauses.

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Focus on Interior Aesthetics and Style

We’re all about the neutrals this year, and that’s why concrete plays such an important role in shaping homes throughout the globe.

Bold carpets and rugs will soften the winter chill but regardless of how soft and comfortable they are, a solid concrete floor is extremely low-maintenance and can work for all of your design solutions.

Look out for shades, colours and textures to fit and complement your surrounding interior design.

A few ideas to mention:

  • Polished concrete
  • Colourful overlays
  • Acid stained concrete

Well-Polished Concrete Floors Are a Classic Go-To

It happens fast and easy. Polishing a concrete floor will restore its looks from aged to as good as new.

Colourful Overlays

Adding a dash of colour to your floor can take your entire interior to the next level. Although the process will take a bit longer than the average polish it can totally be worth it. If done in colours such as wood brown or copper, a concrete floor can even mimic tiles.

Acid Staining Your Concrete

The range of opportunities when acid-staining a concrete floor is vast. The method adds a unique flavour to any interior decor and it’s easy enough to DIY. Of course, it’s always best to trust a professional.

For minor odd jobs book a professional to help.

Flooring Trends That Pass Away

We’re moving away from other flooring materials as concrete gains popularity. Say goodbye to the classic carpet, and say hello to all of the eco-friendly benefits of concrete.

It’s important to note that you can still incorporate pops of colour here and there when working with concrete, and you don’t have to be sold on that bright purple rug that you’ll have for decades.

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Concrete Floors Add a Dash Of Freshness

A concrete floor may be reminiscent of something cold and grey but it will actually make your home brighter and fresher due to its glaze and ability to disperse light naturally.

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The smooth and shiny surface is how concrete floors will make any property or office feel open. Without a shadow of a doubt, this works best for bathrooms where peace and quiet are of the highest importance. Your kitchen, dining and living room, the bathroom, even office or meeting rooms – the well-polished concrete floor can work wonders in every space; it’s a growing trend for a reason.

Concrete Floors Are Easy To Adapt

In case anybody says that concrete floors are stale and dull, urge them to think again! You can easily tailor them to their surroundings via stamps or the colour of the finish itself. It could be nature-inspired motives or simple geometry.

Are you looking for a solid concrete job or maybe to refresh your home? At Bobs Handyman Services we can help throughout Manchester, Wigan, Stockport, Warrington, Chester, Liverpool, Crewe, Oldham, and Bolton, you should get in touch with our professionals in the area.

Questions? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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