8 Genius And Low-Cost Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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Every homeowner wishes to have a modern and cosy home decorated in accordance with the latest trends in interior design. It’s not necessary to spend a load of money for a major refurbishment and transform your home into a more inviting and voguish place it. Decorate smart, not hard. In other words this would mean you should pay attention to the smaller details instead of project which require humongous efforts and a load of money.

1. Scale

Huge bed for a small room

Size does matter, especially if your bedroom is smaller than usual. Regardless of the style and price of your new bed you should think if it will fit the size of the premises. In other words if it is too big it will take up the whole space and make the room more uncomfortable to walk around.

2. Focal Point

It could be created with either a single brightly coloured wall or with furniture. If you’d like to achieve a little off-beat atmosphere and make your bedroom look different you could angle the bed. Thus you’ll draw attention in the desired spot and make the interior look unconventional but stylish.

3. Light

Night light

They’re a very important part of your room’s interior, especially if the room is darker. If there’s not enough natural light you could add a few nightlights or change their bulbs with stronger ones. If you wish to regulate the amount of light in the room you could place light dimmer switches. To avoid a blind man’s buff game just before you go to bed, you can mount a night light next right above the night stand. If you add a multi watt bulb you could use it for both relaxation and reading.

4. Natural Light

The amount which enters the room depends on the location of the room, the size and number of windows. In other words if your bedroom is located in the north part of the house it will not only be colder but also there’s a fair chance of dim atmosphere. There’s one more detail. If the curtains on your windows are heavy, thick and too long they’re probably a contributor to the darkness in the room. To solve the problem you could change them with lighter and brighter ones. If you’re tired of this window feature and would like something more effective and modern you could change drapery with blinds or shades.

5. Colour Pops

This is a very essential part of the interior of your bedroom. You could place bright colour injected accessories or other elements to bring life into the dull atmosphere of your outdated bedroom. Another idea Bob’s Handyman reliable painters would suggest is to create a focal point on one of the bedroom’s walls using patterned wallpapers and leave the rest in a single tone.

6. Flooring

It is one of the major features you should consider changing. Say “Yes” to brightly coloured and stylish rugs. You could choose some with more modern patterns and place them in both sides of the bed, especially if the flooring in the room is wooden. What is, more a few smaller rugs will be the better version of a wall-to-wall carpet. They will look beautiful and can be easily moved and washed.

7. Colour Layers

To give your room a layered feel you could use your favourite colour in various tones and textures. Thus you’ll add main interior decoration motifs and warmth. It is not necessary to drown the premises in your favourite pink or purple tone. The purpose is to create diversity with a colour scheme.

8. Multiple Purpose Elements

You could place a stylish and vividly coloured quilt on your bed’s frame in order to add an accent in the room. At night however you could use it as an additional coverlet. A multi watt night light would be a great for both relaxation and reading.

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