4 Golden Rules For A Safe And Happy Christmas

Kid With a String of Christmas Lights

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Holidays are knocking on the door. You probably decorated your home with shiny festive decorations. However, what you need to make sure is there are no troubles which will disturb your piece, quiet and holiday mood. There are a few thing you have to take care of before you enjoy the celebration with your family.

1. The Christmas Tree

Holiday Tree With a Watering Stand

What is a great concern to a lot of people is every year holiday decorated trees catch fire because of low quality lights. Don’t buy artificial trees if you’re all about eco-friendly decoration. Instead of cutting a tree you can buy a smaller one in a pot. The point here is to use it along the holiday season and later plant it your back or front yard. If you’re not worried to use a freshly cut tree, however, here’s how to make sure it lives long enough to spread festive whimsy in your home. Logically, a fresh tree holds more moisture which means it’s less likely to catch fire (but not impossible). As long as it’s smaller you can place it in a tree stand which will allow you to water it. Make sure it’s stabilised so it doesn’t collapse on the ground and make everything a nightmare before Christmas. Another thing you should take into account is to water the tree frequently, so it doesn’t whither.

2. What To Avoid

Once you’ve adorned it it with all the shiny and beautiful decoration toys it’s time to place the lights. By all means, don’t use LED lights. Despite the fact they’re environment-friendly LED bulbs produce heat and can, respectively, become the source of a tragic fire accident. If you’re concerned you won’t choose the right lighting ask the shop assistants in the furnishing stores to help you with the choice.

Christmas Tree With a Set of LED Lights Collage

The second to-follow rule is not to overload the power strips. If you’d like to power, say, a dozen strands of lights put them in different circuits. Remember, do not, under any circumstances, put the lights on a artificial tree with metal elements. Don’t forget to unplug the festive lighting when you leave your home or go to bed. Keep the tree away from burning candles or fireplace, as, artificial or not, it might catch fire.

3. Malfunctioning Lights

Light Testing And Repairing Gadget

There is a fair chance you may buy a defective string of lights, which if you don’t notice on time might cause problems. They vary from malfunctioning section to, again, fire or problems with the electric circuit. To make sure everything works properly, you can test the lights with a tool like lightkeeper. You simply put the lights in the tester and push the trigger. It will send electric charge to the string, find the defective bulbs and fix them.

4. Nothing So Far Helps?

If you’ve checked everything and there’s no problem with the lighting, there’s a fair chance you have problems with the electrical grid. You can try and tackle the problem if you have the necessary experience and equipment. In case you haven’t even dealt with similar situations, don’t do it yourself. No matter how much information you’ve found on the Internet or somewhere else, the results will be catastrophic, as you risk your health or even life. It would be best if you call reliable professionals to help you. They’ll provide you with quick and excellent results at a reasonable price. Thus you can enjoy the festive spirit with your family and friends.

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