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Improved House With Solar Panels

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Brace yourself, the days of cold and bills up to the roof are coming! Don’t just stand there and wonder, if there’s something you could do about it. A simple household upgrade will not only decrease the amount of money you pay every month, but will, at the same time, be more eco-friendly. There’s nothing bad if you at least try to do it yourself. So, in case you’ve decided, here’s a list of how to make your home more energy efficient.

 1. Light Bulbs

Light Bulb

Those small illuminating objects are the energy spenders that increase the amount of money you pay every month. Don’t worry, you needn’t use candles for the rest of your life. What you could do to change them with energy saving bulbs. When compared with the incandescent lamps, they have a number of advantages. First, they last 8 times longer. They use a quarter of the power necessary to a filament bulb and save up to 80 % of energy. Boring! But it should be enough to persuade you to switch to energy-saving lights.

2. Control

Lighting Control Device

If you’d like to decrease your expenses even more, add lighting controls and timers. These intelligent lighting systems of electricity management are widely used in both out and indoor areas. They will provide the right amount of light in the right moment and make your life a little bit easier.

3. Motion Detector Lights

Motion Detector Light

A great idea would be to put movement detector lighting around the house. Thus you’ll save yourself the mini heart attacks when you have to walk across the yard to the house in complete darkness. Another advantage that might convince you, is you won’t have to turn the outside light on and off every time you go out to throw the garbage.

4. Weather Strips

Window Insulation Weather Strip

There are probably five-six or more kinds of that little home improver. The choice of which variety to use is all yours. What these tape-like “utensils” do is isolate your household so the warmth during the winter doesn’t squeeze out through the doors and windows. Another benefit is they don’t let water in, when it rains cats and dogs. And you needn’t worry whether water leaks into your home and ruins the new laminate floors you had placed a few weeks ago.

5. Another Lighting Alternative

LED Light Bulb

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Upgrade halogen lights with led (Light-emitting diode) bulbs. They are specially designed to operate with 30 to 60 mW (milliwatts) of electrical power and have high efficacy when comes to lighting, unlike their halogen cousins.

6. CO And Smoke Detectors

Heat And Smoke Detecting Device

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Obviously they are an irreplaceable part of the domestic safety checklist . What could be annoying is to check them regularly and change their batteries. When it comes to energy efficiency, however, you can replace normal with lithium batteries. They last longer and you won’t have to worry if the detectors work. If you’re still concerned with the amount of electricity they consume, book a reliable service team to install more energy efficient models.

7. Is Your Home Insulated?

The Loss of Warmth From a Non-Insulated Home

Insulation is an essential measure in increasing the home energy efficiency. It is known that 1/3 of the warmth of people’s homes “lost through the walls”. So, you shouldn’t wonder, if your monthly bills are up to the roof despite the fact you didn’t do anything unusual than use basic household appliances.

 8. Check The Electrical Devices

Electric Appliances

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The amount of electricity consumption depends on the class of your household appliances. If they could not be classified into the A group you are destined to pay a load of money every month. Another fact you should take into account is indicator lights on TVs, air conditioning and similar. Most of the appliances which you’ve switched off can still draw little amounts of energy to supply the little lamps you use turn on with remotes. One solution to the problem is to unplug them from the socket instead of just turning them off. What you could do is upgrade to a class A model.

9. Alternative Energy Sources

Solar Panels on Roof

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One of the most famous energy upgrades are solar panels. They convert sunlight into electricity even on cloudy days so you could use hall devices in your home.Sure, they are the perfect solution, but placing them is not easy for an amateur handyman and it’s also dangerous, especially, if you have to climb onto the roof.

10. “Many a little makes a mickle.”


If there are any loose taps or showers around the house, you’ll have to pay a huge water supply bill as well. To fix the problem, tighten them with a monkey wrench. If the problem is of more complicated nature, you’d probably end up knees deep in water because of burst pipes.

As little as they are, changes like these will transform your sweet home into an energy-saving “machine”. However, if you don’t have any time and efforts to spare, call a professional. They have both the equipment and skills to make your life easier. You will have the results in no time and at a reasonable price, of course. So, why not?

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