4 Home Improvements To Help You Fight Migraine Attacks

Reduce StressMigraine is becoming more and more common these days due to many factors like food additive, excessive physical activity, sleep deprivation, excessive exposure to stress, loud noise, strong lights and many more. TheMigraine Awareness Week is real and we’d like to give you a few ideas on reducing a few of the triggers. This will help you preserve your health. We’re not doctors, so we won’t be talking about medicine and herb tea brew recipes. We’d like to show you how to reduce migraine attacks to a minimum.

1. Adjust The Lights

Adjust The Lights

Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have to live like a caveman, in the dark for the rest of your life. You just have to upgrade your lighting a little bit. Have dimmer switches installed, so you could regulate it and not stumble in pitch black rooms.

If any of the lights around your household are flickering for some reason, have them checked, repaired or changed by a reliable local electrician like the experts and Bobs Handyman Services. A minor glitch can grow up to a fire, and fire stands for disaster.

2. Change The Colours Around Your Home

Change The Lights

If you suffer from acute migraine attacks, you might want to re-think the colour schemes in your home. Bright colours like red, yellow and similar stimulate the nervous system, can be exhausting to the eyes and cause severe headaches.

You can repaint or re-wallpaper them with more mild shades. This way you won’t lose the home decor effect you like so much and will avoid one of the most common migraine attack factors.

3. Get Rid Of Stress

Find Your Relaxing Spot

Stress is a common culprit when it comes to health problems, especially acute headaches. To minimise the chance of attacks, create your own relaxation spot. Regardless if it’s a spare room you’d like to transform into a retreat corner. If you’re too busy to tackle this project alone or would like to have bespoke furniture designed for your personal needs, you can rely on trusted London carpenters.

4. Soundproof The Rooms

Soundproof Foam Sheets For Room Ceilings and Walls

At home soundproofing the rooms is the best solution for loud noise triggered migraine headaches. One of the best ways to do it is to use sound insulating foam. Acoustic foam, as it’s also very well-known, serves as a sound barrier. It dampens particular sound frequencies and it’s a great way to soundproof rooms, as it’s inexpensive. There are a few foam types we recommend:

  • Egg Crate Foam

It is manufactured in sheets of various sizes and its surface is convoluted. The pattern resembles egg carton dimples. There’s one thing you need to remember about it- the larger the convoluted pattern, the more sound-absorbent the foam is.

  • Foam Ceiling Tiles

Also known as acoustic foam tiles, these are the best sound-proof alternative for drop ceiling tile pieces. They are specially designed to reduce noise to the minimum. Their size is standard and will fit drop ceilings. They come in both smooth or textured surface, which enable a different level of soundproofing.

  • Wedge Foam

Convoluted Foam Sheet

It is usually sold in square tiles and its surface is covered in triangular prisms. It comes in different thickness varieties – from 1 to 2 inches and it is very effective in preventing mid to high-frequency sounds.

  • Soundproofing Room Corners, Windows, Wallpapers, and Doors

These are the most commonly forgotten parts of the room which let noise penetrate or squeeze out of the room. You can sound-proof them with foam padding around the door and window frame, so it absorbs the sound. Egg crate foam can be easily attached to wooden surfaces to help you solve the problem.

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