How to Maximise and Enhance Light in Large Spaces

Maximise and Enhance Light

When it comes to interior design, whether it be in the home or in a commercial building, having a large space to work with is a real pleasure. The possibilities for design and indeed décor, really open up and your creativity and flair can run riot. There are a number of important factors to take into account and trends change.That’s why here we look at how light can be maximised and enhanced to create mood, ambiance and drama.

The Sun Natures Great Provider

There is nothing quite like natural daylight and maximising it in a large space is paramount to the creation of a wonderful ambiance throughout the daytime and into early evening. Tips for achieving this include leaving windows lightly dressed, heavy curtains, for example, not only block out light but intrude into the space around the window as well – so keep it light. One option to consider is roller blinds, these help you retain privacy when you require it, but are very non-intrusive when open and in doing so provide the best of both worlds.

The way the light behaves once it has entered the space is also well worth bearing in mind. Choosing light coloured paints to cover walls and ceilings will not only reflect light back into the space, but they will also make shadows look more pronounced and shadows are amazing for creating mood and drama.

Using mirrors to maximise light in larger spaces is another option that you may want to experiment with. Here, look for unusual shapes, designs and sizes, for example long or wide mirrors can reflect shafts of light onto the walls and objects around them and this can look remarkably effective.

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceiling

In some spaces, offices and kitchens, for example, suspended ceilings can work well. One of the reasons for this it that they allow you to sink the light fittings into them, thus, retaining an uninterrupted flow of height around the room. Plus, depending on the type of light fitting you choose, you can create a really soft mood for the room or something brighter for working spaces.

Added value from suspended ceilings comes in the form of an extra cavity that helps retain heat. Alternatively, if you install a suspended ceiling in just part of the space, it can deliver an interesting dynamic – you can even paint the suspended part a different colour to enhance the effect.

Light Fittings and Lamps

When working on the design for a large space mixing it up a little when it comes to light fittings and lamps can help you to annexe spaces when you want to, but then bring the whole space together at other times.

Grouping together several pendent, ceiling hung, lights looks great, is very much en vogue at the moment and works well over the top of tables, whether it be over a coffee table and loungers or a more formal dining table and chairs. Other ideas for light fittings include vintage chandeliers, the more ornate the better, which can look stunning in big spaces, particularly if offset with more modern furniture scattered around the room.

Placing lamps strategically to compliment the ceiling lights adds another dimension to the way in which a large space looks during the evening.  Floor lamps placed behind reading chairs are both useful and make a feature of, what could be an otherwise forgotten corner. Several table lamps will also be required and one nice idea is to have a pair placed on top of small, low tables, either side of a sofa.

Candles and Tea Lights

Candles and Tea Lights

For the finishing touches and for special occasions fill mantelpieces, coffee tables and other flat surfaces that are raised from the floor with indulgent candles and flickering tea lights. The effective can be both romantic or just sheer cosy chic.

No matter what themes, styles or types of lighting you go for when designing and decorating a large space, the overriding message is to mix it up, but more so to have some fun.

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