5 Key Factors To The Replacement Of Windows

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Even the best quality materials have an expiry date, especially in parts of your home you probably never thought of like windows. Replacement is imperative and in many cases raises a lot of problems. Here’s a few tips to help you choose and buy windows.

1. Locate The Problem

To increase the heating and put on a thick sweater is not always the solution. Your bills will jump up at the end of the month. To know what you have to repair or replace you have to make a few tests first. Check for draughts around the windows, especially those you use often. In some cases the movement of air comes from the trim and not the sash, so be extremely careful, as the replacement might just be unnecessary. If you’re not ready for a serious handyman task like this one, you can place new weatherstrips or latches.

A very simple way to figure out where the air leaks are is to use scented sticks or matches. Light the stick and put it closer to the draughty spot. If there’s any air flow the smoke will show it to you.

2. Frequent Use Problems

If you have to struggle with the windows every time you open or close them, you definitely have a problem. You might find a solution to the frustrating situation which is not replacement but it will definitely be temporary.

3. Maintenance

Woman Repainting Windows

If your windows require cleaning only it would be better to hire a pro to do it instead of you. They have the equipment necessary to cope with the task. If you windows require frequent repainting and maintenance, you should probably change them with new.

4. Criteria Of Choice

There are steps you need to follow when you choose new windows. When you go to the respective store shop assistants will probably try to persuade you buy the most expensive brand. To avoid an unnecessary purchase, here are a few criteria to follow.

1) They have to be strong wind resistant
2) Air tightness— it will protect from draughts
3) They shouldn’t allow condensation on the interior of the windows.
4) Appearance in accordance with the design of your home
5) They should provide good ventilation and let enough light into the rooms.
6) They should provide both security and allow to be used as exits in case of emergency.

5. Can You DIY?

It is possible to do it if you have the tools and experience necessary. Even if you decide not to change the windows you still have to carry out a lot of handyman projects. What you have to cope with is chemically strip the old paint coat, refurbish the trim and sash, reputy them and place new glass. First it will take up a lot of your time. This will become a huge problem if your schedule is too busy already. Another factor which might turn this into a frustrating enterprise is the lack of equipment and skills. Thus you will not only put your health or life in danger but risk the well-being of your household. If you don’t change or maintain your windows properly you’ll pay a load of money every month. What is more, there is a fair chance your home will be ruined in case of heavy rains.

You can choose your new windows but trust a pro to install and maintain them. Thereby you’ll not only save a lot of efforts, time and complications but a lot more money. Let’s assume you try to do it by yourself. If everything goes bad you’ll have to pay double. So trust Bob’s Oldham Handyman experts to transform your home at a minimal cost.