6 Must-Know Facts About UK’s National Maintenance Week

Handyman Set of ToolsA home should be built to last tens of years and this is true. But this doesn’t mean will be invincible to everything. So, in the spirit of the upcoming National Maintenance Week Bob’s Handyman Services reputable professionals are willing to raise awareness on proper home care.

1. What Is About?

Question MarkAccording to the Internet sources we’ve used, National Maintenance Day dates back to 2002. And its purpose is to raise awareness about timely and proper upkeep of older and newer buildings. During these seven days our trusted professionals will give straight forward advice on repair projects to everyone who looks after their property.

2. When Will The Event Take Place?


According to reliable information sources, the SPAB will relaunch this campaign in spring 2019. What is more, it indicates the period during which you should start the home repair check list and make sure your home is ready to endure summer.

3. How Will You Benefit From It ?

Home Clipart

Timely and small touch-ups and fixes like gutter, timely roof leak repairs, window caulking and similar will prevent major property damage and expensive refurbishments. Thus you won’t have to spend a pile of money on a problem you could’ve taken care of.

4. Do You Have To Be A DIY Expert?

Handyman Clipart National UK Maintenance

Well, no, your level of experience is not that important. The main goal of the initiative is to raise awareness among professionally trained experts and amateur do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Even the slightest effort will make, a big difference. What is more, you should know the risks you’ll take when you try to hang mirror on the wall or change the fuse on the electric grid.

5. What’s All The Fuss About?

There’s always something that could go wrong ,especially if you have little or no experience with home upkeep projects. The lack of knowledge and proficiency in this field is very likely to lead to accidents which can threaten your health or even life. So, in this line of thoughts, there are still some home improvement projects you should leave to professionals. If you’ve never tackled this task, you shouldn’t worry. You can start with getting to know the tools of the trade and we would be more than happy to help you with this task.

6. What Should You Expect From Our Pros?

The Bob’s Handyman Stockport Services team are dedicated to coping with every home improvement project in your residential or commercial  and now they’re willing to help you do it on your own. They will reveal tips and tricks they’ve learned during the years and help you work faster, safer and with all the right tools for the job in question.

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