7 Tips To Winterise Your Home And Save Money

Winterised HouseWinter is not “kind”, especially when it comes to your unwinterised home. When temperatures drop your expenses increase, as your property loses warmth through so many spots. To avoid this problem, we’ve set up a few tips on home improvement which will reduce your energy bills.

1. Install Storm Doors

Storm Door

Storm doors are not cheap. However, they are a wise investment, as they seal your home from bad weather. They increase energy efficiency up to 45% and allow ventilation and light to enter through. You can choose between the main types like PVC, plastic, fiberglass and aluminum.

2. Check And Draught-Proof Your Windows

Winterise Your Home

You might not know that, but nearly 30% of the heat squeezes through windows. A cheaper way to insulate the windows at home is to apply window insulation kit. When properly installed it’s invisible, so it won’t obstruct light. You can also try the absolute DIY variation – bubble wrap. It serves as an insulator as well and is the cheapest way to prepare your windows for the winter.

3. Check For Cracks And Draughty Spots

Fix The Cracks in The Walls to Draught-Proof Your Home

Cracks around the window frames or in the walls are a very common reason for draughts. Check carefully these and any other areas which might have the same problem. You can fill the cracks with caulk, but this will be temporary solution. If you want a permanent one, you can have it inspected and fixed by a professional.

4. Get Insulation

Home Insulation Will Winterise Your Home

Insulating materials are the best way to save energy on energy. You should cold-proof your attic and basement areas. They are often neglected, but can cause serious heat loss.

5. Schedule Heating

Yes, it’s now possible. There’s a way to program your heating with a smart thermostat. This saves a lot of energy and fuss. Most of the models can be remotely set and programmed, so your home is warm enough when get home from work, for example.

6. Get High Energy-Saving Class Appliances

Energy-Star Certified Appliances

This is a smart one-off investment. Check your household appliances and have them replaced with energy-star certified appliances. This can save up to 50 % of the energy.

7. Seal The Old Chimneys

If you live in a home with an old, unused fireplace, have it sealed up. This way you will prevent warm air escaping from your home. The easiest way to do it is installing a chimney balloon. You just have to inflate it and fit it in the chimney.

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