5 Ways To Child Proof Your Home

Baby-proof Home Sockets

Life changes drastically when you have a toddler in your home. You have to think of everything which might be the cause of an accident. But no matter how hard you try to secure everything, the real challenge appears when the kiddo starts roaming around and test everything. So, how will you baby-proof your home? In the spirit of National Child Safety Week our experts have a few ideas prepared for you, so let’s take a look at them.

1. Secure Edges, Corners And Heavier Furniture

Securing Sharp Edges* Caution: Sharp Edges

No matter how hard you try, the kids will always outwit you and find the seemingly well-hidden items around your household. Kids usually get bruises or cuts by running all around the house and bumping themselves in sharp edges and corners. To prevent these accidents place edge and corner bumpers.

* Heavy Furniture

Regardless of where you toddler is, there’s always some heavy piece of furniture they can attempt to climb. Tall dressers or bookshelves which are not properly secured can turn over and cause a fatal accident. To avoid this, you need to install coordinating brackets on the walls and bookshelves in order for it to remain stable.

2. Secure Your Large Flat Screen TV, Hanging Cables And Sockets

If you place your new flat screen TV on a dresser or cabinet, you’d better secure it with a ProGrade Flat Screen TV Lock or earthquake straps.

But what about the cables scattering all over the place? The kid can easily trip or decide to chew on them. To keep all the electric cords in one place with the help of cable trunking systems.

In case the electrical sockets are within your child’s reach, place child-proof socket covers.

3. Make Windows And Doors Safer

Every child has the urge to explore the world outside your household and we understand you can’t always keep an eye on them. In the moments when you turn your back for just a few seconds, they might open the window to take a good look outside. To protect your precious tiny human from falling, have window guards installed. They’ll prevent the windows from opening wide enough for the toddler to fall.

If you’re afraid your kid will go out  and explore the outdoors, secure the door handles. Door knob covers won’t let your child twist the handle and open the door.

4. Precautions In The Kitchen

Baby-proof Hotplates

Sharp objects can easily hurt your little bundle of happiness, especially if they’re not stored in the proper place. Have all of them affixed or stored on higher places. If you have ground space cabinets only, you can always put silicone guards which will keep the doors shut.

One of the most dangerous spots around the kitchen is the stove. There are protective screens which are installed on the edge of the cooker. This way your child won’t be able to get their hands on the hotplates. To make the kitchen range even safer, you’d need to secure it with knob guards, so the youngster can’t switch the appliance on and off.

5. Bathroom Baby-proofing

Childproofing Toilets

There are several potentially dangerous spots and items the little one might consider exploring. If there’s no place to move the cleaning preparations to from under the bathroom sink, make sure the child can’t open it.

The toilet is a potential thread for your youngster’s health, as well. Place a toilet lid lock, so they can’t open it.

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