6 Ways To Increase Your Staff’s Productivity In The Workplace

Great Office Environment

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Sometimes smaller changes have a more positive impact than bigger ones, especially when it comes to ways to increase employee productivity in the workplace. In these cases, everything from excellent air quality and warmth to the view from office windows can help you make the office more pleasant for your staff. So, let’s start with the check list for office improvements.

1. Light

Light in The OfficeThis should be in the top 3 in your upgrades. Light, especially natural brightness is essential, so you have to do your best to let as much light as possible in the office space. If your business is not situated into a building with floor-to-ceiling windows, add white LED lighting. According to our certified electricians at Bob’s Handyman, this type of lights have longer life expectancy , which makes them a reasonable investment and higher efficiency. They’ll solve the problem with excessive light glare and will not strain the eyes of your staff members.

2. Colours

Office ColoursColour is another feature of the workplace environment which can contribute to productivity increase. In case the office is bigger and the windows are not large enough to light the whole room up, you can paint the wall in pale nuances close to white. This way the daylight will be reflected making the space brighter and decreasing strain on the eyes. This shouldn’t, however, stop you from adding a few brighter tints on the walls, as well.
Blue is more soothing and provides stronger motivation for greater work performance.
Green symbolises nature and has the same relaxing effect , which makes it the perfect stress reliever.
Yellow is more inspiring and energetic colour, which will provide your staff member with more optimism. There are contrasting colour combinations you might try, which will definitely affect the work process in the office.

3. Furniture

You need a work desk to do your job well, but do greater you need to have both comfortable furniture which offers more functionality. The perfect work table should hold all work items like folders, documents and similar. What is more, it should have a place for your PC, as it is desirable to keep it off the floor in order to keep dust and dirt obstruct the computer’s cooling fans.

4. Flooring

We have nothing against wall-to-wall carpets, as long as their regularly cleaned. But for a office with significant number of workers, it would probably be wiser to use tiles or a more enduring wood flooring. Wood floors will add a more natural and calming atmosphere because of their colouring. If you decide to switch to Faience tiling, make sure the tiles are suitable for heavy traffic.

5. Noise

It has to be reduced to minimum, if you wish to increase the productivity of your employees. Even if the sounds are low in decibels, they’ll combine and create a very annoying buzz and result in stressful and distracting work environment. What you can do is, make sure the windows provide better sound insulation and the office electronic appliances can work quietly, as well.

6. Wall Of Fame

And last, but not least, separate a wall to hang pictures of your staff members. It will show you acknowledge the efforts they put in their work and that you value them enough. This, in its own turn, will give your team greater motivation and, respectively boost their productivity.

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